The Great Australia Tour

On February 23, we fly to New Zealand where we will spend a week visiting friends Teresa hasn’t seen since she was an exchange student there in the 1970s. Then we will move on to Australia where we will join cowboy poet Waddie MItchell to travel and perform together as The Lonesome Rangers for five weeks at folk festivals, clubs, cattle stations, and house concerts.

Here’s our itinerary so far for the Great Australian Tour. We’ll add to it as more gigs evolve. If you are going to be in Australia, we’d love to see you! And please, tell your Australian friends.

23 February–4 March – Hal and Teresa in New Zealand

5 March – Hal and Teresa arrive in Melbourne

6 March –  Melbourne, Trades Hall Bar, 8PM, Lonesome Rangers with Ted Egan

8 March – Geelong, Merrigoround House Concert, Lonesome Rangers

9-12 March – Port Fairy Folk Festival, Lonesome Rangers, performances and workshops.

15 March – Clarence Park,  Adelaide,  Trinity Sessions,  8 PM, Eric Bogle and Lonesome Rangers

16 and 17 March – McLaren Vale Winery, Singing Gallery, 8PM, Ted Egan & Lonesome Rangers

23 March – Brunette Downs – private event

28 March – Alice Springs, Sink a Tinny Downs House Concert and barbeque, Ted Egan and Lonesome Rangers

4 April – Sydney, Humph Hall, 7PM, Lonesome Rangers

9-13 April – Hal works at Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) National producing one-hour radio special on the legendary folklorist John Lomax with the wonderful producer Sherre Delys.


12 comments on “The Great Australia Tour

  1. dendrolagus3 says:

    Hal/Teresa–I think the name of the festival is the “Port Fairy” (not “Ferry”) festival. Have fun. Sorry we aren’t going to be in Victoria while you are there.
    Amy & Roger

  2. Nerys says:

    Port Fairy not Ferry and the Alice house concert is 28th March
    And Sherre Delys must have a welsh connection.
    It all sounds terrific. I might tag along. xxx Nerys

  3. Dave says:

    Love the site! Good luck to you both!

  4. Karen Wilson says:

    What fun for us to travel Down Under, if only as tag-alongs via your blogs! Bon voyage and G’day, Karen & Stewart W.

  5. kim konikow says:

    Ah, I envy you… I was in Nz and AU in 96, for seven weeks on a Jerome Foundation Travel & Study Grant. I’d never seen anything like NFZ, with a dramatic change in geography every 20 minutes. Aukland was wonderful – so diverse. Gorgeous Maori people. I loved driving through the island, and exploring Rotorura and other small cities, and seeing Wellington as well. Christchurch was my only stop on the southern island.
    In Australia, I felt as if I’d come home. Such a strong pull to the land and the people. Melbourne like NY and Sydney like LA, and I traveled all over, including to Alice Springs. I suspect you will get to Ularu (take sunrise tour with Aborginal guide), and stop by the Katyas. There’s an amazing observatory out there as well. Eat the amazing baramundi fish every chance you get! I’ll pass the word along to old friends, and perhaps they’ll become friends of yours too. Enjoy the other side of the world. Travel safely, and I look forward to more stories of the journey.

  6. Mark Cantor says:

    Tim O’Brien, during his concert with Kate the other night, introduced Hal’s song, Suzannah, and as he pined about how unfortunate it was that the two of you couldn’t be at the show that night, about 300 shouts of “Australia!” “New Zealand!” and “Down Under!” filled the State Room. Tim smiled. “I know,” he said.

    Kate sang her song inspired by Riding the White Horse Home. What a pleasure to hear it.

    We’ll be following you.. and playing you on the Fret and Fiddle.

    Mark C.

    • Hal Cannon says:

      Mark, thanks so much for the report. I wish we could have been there. We are in rural New Zealand staying on high school friends of Teresa’s dairy farm right on the coast. Teresa has not been back here in 40 years.

  7. lorenbasch says:

    Thank for the Gone Missing Friday. I have had a few. It was fascinating to be able to read of such a day, with two story tellers – adventurers, seeking and returning, in the same timespan, in one place. What an amazing day!

    In a subtext, my most excellent “Little Bloggies” workshop goes on and Hal is playing. Inspiring. Double thank you.

    here’s to open roads ,..


    • Hal Cannon says:

      Hi Loren, Yes, to Open Roads and clear skies. We flew out of Wellington the other day in what they call here, a weather bomb. I now know what sailors mean when they said, “blow me down.” Cheers, Hal

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